The Seep

The SeepA blend of searing social commentary and speculative fiction, Chana Porter s fresh, pointed debut is perfect for fans of Jeff VanderMeer and Carmen Maria Machado Trina Goldberg Oneka is a fifty year old trans woman whose life is irreversibly altered in the wake of a gentle but nonetheless

When She's Married

When She's MarriedEscaped convict Vordigar has been hiding out on Risda III When he s scooped up by law enforcement, he has two choices he can be shipped back to the Haven prison system, or he can marry one of the locals Piper is from an alien race called humans and she needs a mate to help her protect her farm

Stars Beyond (Stars Uncharted, #2)

Stars Beyond (Stars Uncharted, #2)The crew of Another Road are back, closer than ever to the biggest score in the galaxy if they can stay a step ahead of the Justice Department agents and Company men tracking them.An engineer with a fondness for weapons A captain with no memory An obsessive genemodder who loves to tinker.

Stolen by Raze (Grabbed, #4)

Stolen by Raze (Grabbed, #4)Captured in a government raid, Ella is thrown into a prison transport bound for the mountain labor camps She never expects her rescue to come at the hands of Raze, the handsome sky warrior who all but stole her heart after Dizzy s wedding Considered a high value asset by the Shadow Force, Ella is

Cavas (The Vorge Crew, #5)

Cavas (The Vorge Crew, #5)Career military man Cavas Vellar has joined his older brother, Cathian, aboard The Vorge for one purpose to rescue their youngest littermate Their father has resorted to having him kidnapped to hide one of his most vile secrets They need to go down onto a planet full of criminals, find Crath, and

Resurgence (Foreigner #20)

Resurgence (Foreigner #20)The twentieth book in the beloved Foreigner saga returns to the trials of diplomat Bren Cameron, as he navigates the tenuous peace he has struck between human refugees and the alien atevi.Bren Cameron, diplomat in residence, usually represents the ruler of the atevi state But Ilisidi, the dowager,

Their Rising Sun (Wintervale Packs #1)

Their Rising Sun (Wintervale Packs #1)Grab the first of this sexy reverse harem series Blake Parker believes in giving herself and helping others whenever and however she can When she hears about an opportunity to help an alien planet repopulate and rebuild, she jumps at the chance to be a surrogate Blake herself was born to a


StrangewaysA thrilling ride that will leave you on the edge of your seat I need MORE of Phi and his shall we say unique physiology Ten thousand stars USA Today Bestselling Author, Myra Danvers I have been chosen One moment I was leaving work, the next I was entertaining a silvery green alien

The Rogue Captain (Lost Planet #6)

The Rogue Captain (Lost Planet #6)I m the master of my world A ruler from the skies of a lost planet The ship captain who watches from above Until an alien invades my heart and everything changes She s from another world and doesn t want saving, for she s on a quest of her own Feisty and fiery, she burns bright like the sun I

The Rebel and the Rogue (Interstellar Brides Program #19)

The Rebel and the Rogue (Interstellar Brides Program #19)Zenos, from the Astra Legion of Rogue 5, is on a mission to find an antidote to the deadly venom flowing through his body Without the antidote, one bite during mating will kill a hybrid Forsian s chosen female Zenos must acquire the serum at any cost, for like his Atlan cousins, his mating

Guarding the Goddess (Kindred Tales #21)

Guarding the Goddess (Kindred Tales #21)An alien Queen in need of a Bodyguard A Warrior who is sworn never to Love But what happens when she needs him To Quell the Heat inside her Can Ty keep himself from loving Ellina while Guarding the Goddess Y res the Fourth otherwise known as Ellina the newly crowned ruler of Helios Beta, has

Cyn (Beast Horde #3)

Cyn (Beast Horde #3)They are legends and myths made flesh and bone Cyn, Vargr, Rutger, and the beast horde know what they are and where they came from, and the source of their experimental DNA is both mind blowing and frightening Yet one of the three is wracked by monstrous changes As for the Ghoul Lords their eyes

Claimed by the Horde King (Horde Kings of Dakkar, #2)

Claimed by the Horde King (Horde Kings of Dakkar, #2)She broke their laws Now, he has come to punish her In my human settlement on the hostile plains of Dakkar, I am an outcast, a strange girl orphaned since birth, alone, and dreaming of a life I don t have I hunt to survive, though it is forbidden, though it breaks the strict Dakkari laws that we

A Son for the Alien Warrior (Treasured by the Alien, #2)

A Son for the Alien Warrior (Treasured by the Alien, #2)Can she create a new family with an alien warrior On the anniversary of the disappearance of Mariah s sister and nephew, Mariah returns to their last known location, expecting to find only painful memories Instead, she encounters an alien spaceship and recklessly sneaks aboard, taking one last

Mission: Guardian Angel (Veslor Mates, #2)

Mission: Guardian Angel (Veslor Mates, #2)Ever since her friend Vivian mated a Veslor, Abby Thomas has been curious about the mysterious aliens She also has a vested interest in making sure their newfound relationship with United Earth is a success, prompting her to take a job on a military vessel to ensure the Veslor grouping stationed

Age of Deception (The Firebird Chronicles #2)

Age of Deception (The Firebird Chronicles #2)War hero and daughter to two Houses, Kira is just beginning to learn how deep the rabbit hole goes Agreeing to accompany her father s people back to their homeworld, Kira Forrest prepares for the fight of her life She s agreed to undertake the Trial of the Broken, a rite of passage every member of